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Nasopharyngeal Foreign Body

Ginger is a 4 year old female, spayed Pomeranian. She was presented to AVS for a problem with her nose. She was outside eating grass a few weeks prior to presentation, vomited the grass and began to violently sneeze. She had some clear discharge from the right side of her nose and the owners reported she was also reverse sneezing. Ginger’s physical examination was normal except for mild restriction of airflow through the right side of her nose. Ginger’s history was suggestive of a nasopharyngeal foreign body. Dogs will attempt to ingest something then try to spit it back out. Occasionally this material ends up in the nasopharynx which is the air space above the soft and hard palate. Since the body has no natural mechanism to get this material out, it must be removed by a veterinarian, usually a specialist that has the equipment necessary to perform this task. A 6 mm Pentax videobronchoscope was used to examine Ginger. The scope is “retroflexed” over the soft palate so the nasopharynx can be seen. After flushing the nose with sterile saline, a blade of grasp could be seen. It was grasped and removed. Ginger’s recovery was uneventful.