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Associated Veterinary Services Provides Advanced Veterinary Care When Your Pet Needs It Most

AVS is a St. Louis veterinary practice with diagnostic, surgical, dental and internal medicine veterinarians as well as providing physical rehabilitation and acupuncture services.

AVS offers specialized veterinary care that extends beyond general veterinary medical care, when your pet needs more. Just as humans receive medical care from specialists who are trained in every aspect of the human body, your pets can now receive:

* comprehensive, cutting edge medical care
* treatments from neurosurgery to internal medicine to dentistry

Because of specialized care for pets and advances in nutrition and medicine:

* pets live longer, healthier lives
* health problems are diagnosed quicker and treatment is made possible by providing a variety of advanced diagnostic and treatment services using state-of-the-art equipment.

At AVS we understand how much our companion animals bring unconditional happiness into our overall well being. It's important that we do all we can to keep our pets as healthy as possible.

We encourage you to see your family veterinarian regularly. If there is ever a need for more specialized medical care, AVS offers 24-hour care and a team of veterinary specialists to provide a more advanced level of diagnostics.