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Toby and Catkins

Toby and Catkins are young, male domestic short hair cats. They are both orange and white and come from St. Charles County. Both of them were presented for fever, anorexia and lameness. Our diagnostic workup on these cats included an arthrocentesis. Marked neutrophilic arthritis was found with numerous organisms consistent with Histoplasma capsulatum. At AVS, we have seen numerous variations in the presentation of Histoplasmosis in cats including gastrointestinal and pulmonary infections, generalized infection as well as polyarthritis as in these two cases. One cat with intestinal Histoplasmosis was only presented for unexplained weight loss and had been a completely inside cat in recent years. Veterinarians often diagnose inflammatory bowel disease based on clinical information only and treat with steroids. I recommend that endoscopic biopsies be performed on IBD suspects before any therapy is given. Both Toby and Catkins are on itraconazole and improving. Toby even developed bilateral retinal detachments that have subsequently resolved. Look out for Histo in cats. We seem to have plenty of it around our area.