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Gertie is an 8 year old female Chihuahua that lives on her owner’s bed

Gertie is an 8 year old female Chihuahua that lives on her owner’s bed. She is a very sweet dog but she has a weakness for food. Unfortunately her owner likes to indulge that weakness. Gertie’s mom came to see us in August for a problem that began a year before. She described Gertie as having seizures but whether they were seizures or fainting spells I really could not determine. The two objective problems we found were obesity, with her weighing 6.4 pounds where she should have weighed 4 pounds. This doesn’t seem too bad but she was about 60% overweight. She was also hypertensive. We started Gertie on Norvasc to control the blood pressure and explained to her owner that the 60% of additional weight she carried was likely the cause of most of her problem. As usual, the client’s response was “she doesn’t really eat that much”. I explained to her that weight is mostly a calories-in, calories-out issue and the fact that she gets no exercise but still eats the same amount will cause her to gain weight. She was started on a small amount of canned R/D and carrots only for treats. As of this writing, Gertie is down to 4.75 pounds with a normal blood pressure on hydrochlorothiazide and prazosin. She is no longer having her “episodes” and she is feeling much better. Gertie is still hungry all the time but her owner has discovered her treat of choice – carrots! The amazing thing about Gertie is that she eats one pound of carrots every day!