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Have you been to this office with any other pet?   
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Date of Birth:    Allergies:

Please give approximate dates of the following routine medical care:
Heartworm Preventative:
Distemper Vaccine:
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Feline Leukemia/FIV:
Leukemia Vaccine:
Distemper Vaccine:
Rabies Vaccine:
Do you have pet health insurance?    
Where did you obtain your pet?
How long have you owned your pet?
Where is your pet housed?
Intended purpose of your pet?



For intact females, when, approximately was your pet’s last heat cycle?

For neutered/spayed pets, when, approximately, was the surgery performed?

What is your pet’s current diet? (include brand)
Does your pet have any food allergies?
Has your pet had any bad reactions to a medication?
Does your pet have contact with other animals?
Is your pet microchipped?
Has your pet ever been out of the St. Louis Metro Area?
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Is your pet currently receiving any medications?
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Has your pet had any illness, injury, or surgery prior to the current problem? Explain Below YES NO
Is your pet currently coughing or sneezing? YES NO
Has there been a recent change in your pet’s appetite? YES NO
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Is your pet currently vomiting? YES NO
Has there been any recent change in your pet’s bowel movement? YES NO
Have there been any recent changes in your pet’s urinary habits? YES NO
Have you noticed a change in the amount of water your pet drinks? YES NO
What is the date of your pet’s appointment?