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More on hyperthyroidism in cats
The diagnosis of hyperthyroidism continues to be a problem in some cases. In the last year, I have handled two cats that had a spurious diagnosis of hyperthyroidism based solely on an elevated T4 fro...MORE

A Hard Lesson
While practicing emergency medicine at the Animal Emergency Clinics from 1981 through 1984. I saw many animals that had ingested foreign objects. Some of the most common were fish hooks. A baited ...MORE

AVS treats our first hyperthyroid dog
Brie is an 11 year old female Maltese cross. She was presented to the referring veterinarian for a dental procedure and pre-operative blood work identified an elevated T4. Additional history reveale...MORE

Bailey and the Carefree Koolerz Gum
Bailey is a neutered male, 7 year old Dachshund weighing 10 pounds. Bailey is a bit of a rebel who thinks rules do not apply to him. He also has an insatiable sweet tooth. He does not read package ...MORE

Laser Lithotripsy at AVS
AVS is now offering cystoscopic guided laser lithotripsy as an alternative to cystotomy for urolith and urethrolith removal. The procedure is performed using a rigid cystoscope in female dogs and a ...MORE

Feline Ischemic Encephalopathy
Hammer was an 8 year old male, neutered, DSH. He was an inside-outside cat and he disappeared for over 24 hours. His owner found him at the neighbor’s house unresponsive. He was taken to AEC who ...MORE

Dr. Hause Confirms Causative Organism of Feline Ischemic Encephalopathy: 3 Cases
Hammer was an 8 year old DSH cat found by the owner after having been lost outside for a few days. When found, Hammer was disoriented and non responsive to the owners. He was taken to an emerge...MORE

Gertie is an 8 year old female Chihuahua that lives on her owner’s bed
Gertie is an 8 year old female Chihuahua that lives on her owner’s bed. She is a very sweet dog but she has a weakness for food. Unfortunately her owner likes to indulge that weakness. Gertie’s...MORE

How to perform aThoracentesis
My first case of a pleural effusion was during my internship at the Animal Medical Center in New York City. It was an Afghan Hound and you guessed it, she had a chylothorax. I took her from the exam...MORE

Hyperthyroidism in Cats
AVS has treated over 1000 cats with radioactive iodine that have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Cats with "hyperthyroidism" actually have tumors of the thyroid gland that produce excessive amo...MORE

Alternative Therapies for Treatment of Hyperthyroidism Exist
Surgery can be performed to remove the abnormal thyroid tissue but has the obvious drawbacks of anesthesia or surgical complications, the development of hypocalcemia because of damage to the parathyro...MORE

Lucy and the BEMS
Lucy is a 1 year old female, spayed Havanese. She was spayed and had an exploratory to rule out a portosystemic shunt. The next day after release she developed signs of nasal obstruction, wheezing a...MORE

When Halitosis is an Emergency
Teeny, a 12 year old Chihuahua who we have previously seen for neurological disease was presented early in the morning for severe halitosis. The owner reported that Teeny consumed cat feces in the ya...MORE

New Techniques and Minimally Invasive Procedures
Many new techniques have recently become available in veterinary medicine. It is important to consider each patient individually. A laparoscopic spay may not be indicated for a young cat but may a v...MORE

Otitis Media, More Common Than You Think
Macduff is a 13 year old MC DSH. He was presented for acute onset of tetraparesis, worse on the right side with right sided torticollis. Conscious proprioception and voluntary motion were diminished...MORE

Pogo falls under a lucky Star
Pogo is a 6 year old Siamese male neutered that belongs to a regular AVS client. Pogo has multiple vets, 2 practitioners in Florida and Missouri and 2 specialists also. Pogo’s owners are very proa...MORE

Pulmonary Fibrosis in Old West Highland White Terriers Wayne R. Hause, DVM, DACVIM
Over the years, I have had numerous old Westies that are presented to me with a chronic cough and dyspnea. Many have a very long history of coughing, treatment for which has been unrewarding. On phy...MORE

Referral and Evaluation of Nasal Diseases
Nasal diseases of both the dog and cat are common in veterinary medicine. Unfortunately primary neoplasms of the nasal cavity are often present and do not always have classic symptoms upon presentati...MORE

An Editorial: Specialty Referral
The veterinarians in private practice are the professionals who deal with the large majority of animal illnesses and problems. Of all the animals presented to their family veterinarian because of ill...MORE

The Failure of the Veterinary Profession to Provide the Dental Care Needed by Companion Animals
An Editorial by: Wayne R. Hause, DVM, DACVIM I am not on the front lines of small animal practice like my colleagues in general practice so; you might criticize me for writing about this subj...MORE

Therapeutic Options for Dogs & Cats with Urinary Calculi
Kidney stones” are a common problem in both species. We use the term “urolithiasis” which means calculi (stones) anywhere along the urinary system from the kidney to the ureter, bladder and ur...MORE

Thiamine Deficiency
Lunar” is a 3 year old DSH cat presented for neurological evaluation. Lunar’s appetite began to decline when the owner’s husband left the family several months prior to presentation. For 3 day...MORE

Toby and Catkins
Toby and Catkins are young, male domestic short hair cats. They are both orange and white and come from St. Charles County. Both of them were presented for fever, anorexia and lameness. Our diagnos...MORE

In-House Laboratory Equipment: An Editorial
I have been in the position of receiving referred cases for 30 years now. One of the most disturbing trends I have witnessed in veterinary medicine is the frequent use of laboratory equipment in vete...MORE