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Associated Veterinary Specialists Internal Medicine veterinarians provide the highest level of Bronchoscopy veterinary services in the St. Louis area

Bronchoscopy is an endoscopy procedure where a bronchoscope is used to evaluate the larynx, trachea and bronchi. It is performed under light anesthesia.
Bronchoscopy has many indications. These include evaluation of coughing, removal of foreign bodies, evaluation of tracheal collapse and placement of stents for that condition. Bronchoscopy is used for evaluation of unexplained abnormal breathing or voice changes; and evaluation of lung abnormalities seen on xrays.
Bronchoscopy allows visualization of the airways for abnormal conditions as well of performance of bronchoalveolar lavage which facilitates culture and cytology of the airways.
Associated Veterinary Specialists uses a videobronchoscopy system that allows for both photography of the airways as well as video recordings.