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Associated Veterinary Specialists Internal Medicine veterinarians provide the highest level of Colonoscopy veterinary services in the St. Louis area

Colonoscopy is endoscopic examination of the rectum, colon and cecum. On occasion it is possible to examine the ileum as well. Pets with diseases of the colon often have diarrhea with fresh blood, mucus, straining to defecate and urgency to defecate. They often pass frequent, small stools. Both cats and dogs suffer from these problems. Colonoscopy requires a fasting period and a stay in the hospital for “clean out” of the colon. In dogs this is accomplished by administration of the human product – Golytely. In cats, multiple enemas are used.
A light general anesthesia or heavy sedation is required for complete examination of the colon. The pet usually stays in the hospital for at least 24 hours, first for cleanout, then for the procedure. Associated Veterinary Specialists uses a Pentax Videoendoscopy system for this procedure. After examination of the rectum, colon and cecum, multiple biopsies are taken as well as photographs.