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Endodontic Therapy

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Endodontic therapy focuses on treatment of the diseased pulp tissue.

1.) Root canal therapy involves the complete removal of pulp tissue (complete pulpectomy). Indications for root canal therapy include crown fractures that result in pulp exposure (complicated crown fractures), discolored teeth (pink, purple, blue, gray or dark beige), and asymmetrical canals (visible only on radiographs). Root canal therapy may be performed through the crown (standard root canal therapy) or when necessary may be achieved by accessing the root tip (surgical root canal therapy). Indications for a surgical root canal include apical lysis and failure of standard root canal therapy after multiple attempts.

2.) Vital pulp therapy may be performed on acutely fractured teeth (less than 24 hours in patients older than 12 months) or following a partial crown amputation to shorten the crown height. Shortening crown height is typically performed when a traumatic malocclusion is present (teeth traumatizing hard or soft tissue) or in special circumstances for disarming the patient. Vital pulp therapy is the removal of coronal pulp tissue followed by the placement of a medicament and the restoration material.