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Laser Ablation of Ectopic Ureters

Associated Veterinary Specialists Internal Medicine veterinarians provide the highest level of Laser Ablation of Ectopic Ureters veterinary services in the St. Louis area

Cystoscopy is the diagnostic method of choice to diagnose and also treat ectopic ureters. The cystocopist identifies the abnormal opening of the ectopic ureter, mostly in the urethra. A guidewire is placed in the ectopic ureter and the scope is withdrawn. A ureteral catheter is placed over the guidewire into the abnormal ureter. The cystoscope is then replaced into the ureter to visualize the catheter in the ectopic ureter. Contrast xrays are made via fluoroscopy to confirm the diagnosis and trace the path of the ectopic ureter. A holmium:YAG laser is used to dissect the wall of the ectopic ureter so its opening is returned to the interior of the bladder thus restoring continence in most cases. This is an outpatient procedure and most cases return home the same day.