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Percutaneous Cystolithotomy

Associated Veterinary Specialists Surgery veterinarians provide the highest level of Percutaneous Cystolithotomy veterinary services in the St. Louis area

A small incision is made over the apex of the bladder with the patient under anesthesia. The small portion of the bladder is brought into the incision and sutures are used to hold it in place. A stab incision is made into the bladder and a threaded cannula is placed into the lumen of the bladder. A cystoscope is placed into the bladder for inspection and bladder stone removal.
The advantage of this technique is a very small incision which means less pain for the pet. The interior of the bladder is better visualized than with conventional surgery because of magnification and better illumination. In adddition, the scope is passed from the apex of the bladder toward the urethra along it's axis. The surgeon cannot see the interior of the bladder as effectively as the cystoscope. This is usually and outpatient procedure