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Physical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy has been an important part of the care of human patients with neurologic or musculoskeletal disease. AVS can provide this same standard of care to veterinary patients. Many patients will benefit from a period of physical rehabilitation to achieve an earlier and more complete return to function.

Physical rehabilitation can help decrease pain, increase mobility, flexibility and balance. Rehabilitation can also build strength, muscle mass and endurance, as well as maximize recovery from surgery, injury or disease.

Rehabilitation therapies available at AVS include:

* land treadmill
* therapeutic ultrasound
* neuromuscular electrical stimulation
* cryotherapy
* heat therapy
* massage therapy
* transcutaneous electrical stimulation
* acupuncture
* electroacupuncture
* individualized therapeutic exercise protocols
* assistive/supportive devices: carts, boots, slings, harnesses

Conditions treated include:
Hip and elbow dysplasia
Cruciate ligament injuries
Muscle injuries
Patellar luxations
Degenerative myelopathy
Neuromuscular disease
Fibrocartilagenous embolism
Spinal injury/IVDD/disc disease
Peripheral nerve injury
Lumbosacral stenosis/Cauda equina syndrome
Fracture remobilization
Biceps and patellar tendonitis
Obesity/weight loss exercise programs
Vestibular and balance disorders
Stroke recovery

We refer patients in need of physical rehabilitation or acupuncture to Dr. Sherry Headrick at Brentwood Animal Hospital. The number is 314-962-2900