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Out Patients' Health Is Our Greatest Reward

Each time the health of a family pet is restored, we are reminded why we have chosen this profession.

"Dear Dr.Ulbricht and everyone who took care of Oscar, We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you all did for Oscar. It really meant a lot to us.You take such wonderful care of every pet who walks through your front door, and we just wanted you to know that we will always remember how nice you were to our Oscar. Thank you for caring."
Charlene, Pat & Oscar

"My family and I would like to thank you all for your loving care and support these past several months. We deeply miss our little dog Brandi, but are thankful for the added time we had with her. We were always treated very kindly, and you made us feel like Brandi's needs were important. People should have doctors with such caring hearts."
Dave, Jan, David & Karen

"Thank you all so very much for taking care of Jack. We are extremely proud of all of the staff and doctors for finding the 13 l/2 " tree limb that was in his body. You don't know how happy Jack is now. I don't know how to thank you enough. All I can say is THANKS, THANKS, AND THANKS AGAIN. You all are great."

Theresa & Stan

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your caring staff for the attention and treatment of our beautiful cat, Austin , on July 21, 2003. His recovery to this date has been nothing short of miraculous. Austin is back to his usual playful self, he picks on his sister, he fetches, and he is unbelievably eating dry food in large quantities. These were all his usual habits before being stricken with LPS, which was causing him so much pain. To be able to go each day without him having to endure any suffering is a credit to you and your abilities, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Fidel & Kathy

"Associated Veterinary Specialists are a wonderful group of caring specialists and technicians. Dr. Hause and the rest of the staff did a wonderful job of caring for my Cassie many years ago. She had a very serious kidney problem in March of 1992. Her prognosis was not good, but Dr. Hause gave her excellent care, and did tests to uncover the insufficiency of the other kidney before they did surgery so that they knew they couldn’t just remove the whole bad kidney. They left as much as they could of the bad kidney while removing the abscess, and the vet techs nursed her and helped her recover in spite of her rather unpleasant hospital personality. (She was one of those cats that insisted she didn’t want to be there and let everyone know how unhappy she was.) Because of the wonderful care and nurturing given by everyone at Associated Veterinary Specialists, she had an additional ten years of good health and happiness before she left us just two months shy of 18 years of age. Now Associated Veterinary Specialists are helping Jean-Luc with his very serious problems. Dr. Hause and Dr. Burgener both had a hand in keeping him feeling good in spite of kidney disease (CRF) and lymphoma of the stomach lining diagnosed in November of 2002. They know what to monitor and how to deal with it, and when anemia became a problem in December, they were able to find the right program to keep that under control. He was so sick at the beginning that he had to be hospitalized twice. The first time, he was very frightened. They allowed him to hide under his towel or blanket since that was what made him feel more comfortable. A few weeks later, he had to be hospitalized again while different chemo meds got the spreading lymphoma back under control. They had to put him on IV fluids to help the kidneys again. This time, he was much more comfortable and came out to meow at the workers for hugs and cuddles when they walked by. When I came to take him home, one of the vet techs rushed out to say good-bye to him. He was already in his carrier, but he came up to the door to nuzzle her. I know that when he is there, he feels secure and loved, and he is getting the best possible monitoring and medical care."

"We don't have the words to express how much we appreciate the day in December 1999 you saw Julie for the first of many times. Your care gave us six wonderful years. We enjoyed each day. We did have her put to sleep on March 25. She was in my arms. We won't forget your patience and care of Julie on our last visits. It meant a lot."
Betty and Kim

"It's comforting to know that Clea and I are in such good, caring and interestingly talented hands. My heartfelt thanks."